Century's Ebb

A blog on the life and work of John Dos Passos (1896-1970)





This website is dedicated to the American writer and artist John Dos Passos (1896-1970).

John Dos Passos described Century’s Ebb, published in 1975, five years after his death, as “a last, forlorn chronicle of despair.” It was his last novel, and he left it unfinished. Like much of his later fiction, and indeed the author himself in the latter part of his life, Century’s Ebb has been largely neglected by readers and critics alike. The premise of this website is that this neglect is undeserved. It seeks to provide an informative and constructive critique of both the novel and of the life and mind which produced it.

On the Why? page (link via the tab at the top of this page), and in my post entitled “The Sense of Place,” I explain at greater length the reasons why I am interested in the life and work of John Dos Passos.

Richard Wall

April 2011


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